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What is SEO for dentist

As the name suggests this is a service that we've developed especially to optimize and rank higher dentist related websites.

We have combines all the effective seo strategies and fit them to the needs of dentist's business.

In a few words that is a process where we optimize your website code and content in a way that meet the latest Google guidelines. That's why when a user is looking for term relevant to the dentist services that you offer, Google will give your website's an edge over your competitors.

Since dentist business is a local one, we are going to optimize your website only for users who are more likely to become your real customers-those who are closer to your clinic's city/area. Fear not, if you are based in New York, you won't be receiving inquiries from Las Vegas :)

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The service also include's but it's not limited to:
  •  Keyword research and analysis
  • Website's code revision and optimization
  • Submission to Top dentist directories
  • Blog Setup
  • Engaging articles published regularly to your blog
  • Google Webmaster tools setup
  • Google Analytics tracking setup
  • Building links from relevant websites
  • Publish guest post on website related to dentistry

Our Process

Every time we start working with a new dentistry clinic we take it seriously. Our process is straightforward and transparent. You will know exactly
what we are doing from the start to the end. Additionally you will have a direct contact with your account manager

Step 1

We conduct a keyword research and measure the competition for your dentist services in your area

Step 2

Based No2 we are developing a plan containing only the most effective techniques to help you outrank the competitors

Step 3

Plan execution

Step 4

Learn and adjust

We offer the best SEO for dentist

We have been working exclusively with dentist from all around the world for the last 7 years. We are proud to say that we have
developed unique techniques that guarantees you on 100% the best results.

In order to avoid conflict of interest we are working with a maximum of 3 dentist clinis within a certain city.

KeywordsUp to 10 KeywordsUnlimited
Content marketing-
Local SEOyes
Organic SEO-
Reengaging old customers-

Our Happy Clients

dental seo testimonial 1

Yuna Tumonaga
Tumonaga Dent & Co Inc.

My practice is in Los Angeles which is a highly competitive market for dentists. However Dentboost manage to do, what it looked like impossible thing to me.
They ranked my website in top 5 for "dentists in Los Angeles". Needles to say after that happened, my practice was never the same. I got x4 more patients, I even had to expand my stuff and move to a bigger place to accommodate all of this.

dental seo testimonial 2

Mathew Millard
Millard Dentistry Ltd.

Dentboost is amazing. I used to work with 2 other SEO agencies before, which were exactly 3 times more expensive, but their results were not even close to what Dentboost did for me.
After they optimized my website, i got 18% more leads in the first month and 43% more on the second one.

dental seo testimonial 3

Leon Shafrir
Shafrir Ltd.

Thumbs up for Dentboost. I will always recommend them to all my dentists friends (not the one who are my direct competitor of course :)
I did an SEO campaign with them for 7 months. The results were amazing. They ranked my practice in top 3 for my area. Not only that but even when the campaign ended (Aug 2016), my ranks are still intact and I keep getting alot of new clients from Google.

dental seo testimonial 4

Krishna Shaurma
Shaurma & Son Pte.

The SEO that Dentboost offers is the best possible online marketing for your dentistry. At the 4th month, I already got enough new clients to cover the cost of their SEO services. From the 5th month onwards, I was already receiving so many new clients, the profit from which was x15 more of what I was paying for SEO.

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