At Dent Boost we are focused at providing all-round marketing services that helps grow your dental practice

Rather than isolated marketing efforts, we strive towards adding to your marketing portfolio and online presence as a whole – through online marketing services that apply specifically to dental marketing scenarios and guarantee the maximum results.

Traditional marketing tactics seldom work in the dental marketing scenario. Specific dental marketing services have therefore been developed over the years through repeated trials.

Focusing on these services help in generating faster leads and paying patients. One can save time and energy, and tackle the problem areas head on!

Proven services that will boost your dentist practice

The “tried and tested” services have worked for many other dental practices, and should work for you too!

Marketing Services that are essential to building an online presence that reflect your dental practice the best. We cater to the dynamic dental marketing scenario and provide solutions that add value to your marketing portfolio.

Whichever kind of dental business you are – a beginner in the dental marketing field or already a seasoned player with a set marketing investment – our range of services give you that extra edge that bridges the gap between getting noticed and turning leads into valuable clients.

The answer to – “how a dentist can use online resources to their best advantage”

Strategic Internet Marketing for Dentist

Bringing all the elements of dental marketing – Ad campaigns, websites, social media management- under one umbrella, is strategic internet marketing for you!

If you have been sweating it out trying to deduct the dos and don’ts of marketing that applies to your business – our top notch strategic internet marketing services can help you get there. Through in depth analysis of your business and its unique elements, we develop a successful marketing plan that aims to boost your practice.

Each practice is different and so is each strategy. Which services your business needs, or a bundle of services that applies to your situation – is all a part of the overall strategic plan best left to professionals. Let’s get hands down to business to keep your marketing process flowing through specific services and tailor-made strategies that reaches your target clients.

Dental SEO Marketing

One of the fastest ways to get noticed these days, is to get your SEO done right!

Gone are the days when people would painstakingly go through directories to search for services. Now they just go online. And, that is why you need to put in extra effort to make sure they are directed towards your website. Think of it as a roadmap that can get your potential patient to land up on your site.

Getting more visibility on the internet has no magical phenomenon involved, but a carefully structured SEO plan in place.

We get the essence of Dental SEO. And we can provide the best Dental SEO for your website visible through quantifiable results!

Paid advertising

If instant increase in traffic is on your mind – Paid Advertising campaigns is your answer!

But, with paid online ads, you have much more than just a boost in your leads. Meticulously designed ad campaigns takes you directly to your target audience. Through Pay Per Click ads, you can get your ads published on Google Search results and a dozen other websites and get the best out of your search engine marketing (SEM) strategy.

Experience has let us build the perfect techniques and tools, to give you the maximum benefit out of PPC. And, through close monitoring of data we strive to keep on improving your ad campaigns.

Content Marketing

In today’s world – content is king!

Being noticed online is important – but keeping your clients engaged is even more important. Having a good content strategy in place instantly differentiates you from other practices, makes you relevant and gives your practice a personality.

Stats prove that websites with an identifiable blog is likely to gain more traffic. And, in the day and age where patients tend to do everything online from – googling a problem to booking an appointment – blogs and content keeps you in the top of their minds and in good books of Google. Did we tell you that a website which is frequently updated is likely to rank higher?

A potential patient might be interested in reading about cavities, and fun advices can make them see your practice as one they can trust in!

Through keyword rich, fun blogs – we help you gain the trust of your patients. And through regular updates, we keep them coming back!

Social Media Management

Your social profile is as important as your actual practice!

You social profiles are equivalent to the face of your business. Your clients might actually know your Facebook profile better than your clinic’s interiors! While your patients may visit your actual clinic a few time a year, they might come across your Facebook profile a few time a day! Depends on how interesting your posts are.

Social media has made it possible to stay connected with your patients and get to know them, like never before. So why not use it to its full potential?

To keep your social profiles updated and active – involves much more than posting funny videos once in awhile.

For all your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Youtube and Pinterest – we’ve got you covered. Now all you have to do is set back and tend to your patients in the clinic, while our socially enthusiastic team handles your social media for you!