Get more visitors than your competitors!

If you want yours to be the first dental website to pop up when potential patients lookup “dental practices” on Google – the magic potion you need is Dental SEO!

Getting more visibility on search engines isn’t just pure luck but a carefully crafted SEO plan for you website that is working behind the scenes. In your case – an elaborate Dental SEO Marketing plan because that what sets your website apart from the thousands other websites on the internet.

Why you need SEO for your dentist practice?

So you’ve build the best online presence for your dental practice and a snazzy website! Now what? Making a website is the first step to your grand marketing plan, but to make it successful you need people to land up on your site.

Think of SEO (search engine optimization) as a roadmap to your website. It is what connects your clients from the search engine to your actual website. Better visibility leads to increased traffic – a lot of which might end up turning into valuable leads and long-term clients.

Optimization of your website is therefore a crucial step to your overall marketing strategy. The elements of SEO come together to provide you the numbers on your website.

What are the services included in the SEO package

We strive towards providing the best SEO results through services that are relevant and most effective for dental businesses. All our services complement the overall SEO strategy to reach visible results. We focus on the following areas –

Keyword research

Trust us, with the best and most relevant keywords for your business.

Keywords rich content is the first step to effective SEO and we understand keywords like the back of our hands. Through in depth research and understanding of your business as an individual entity in the overall dental marketing scenario – we develop the most suitable keyword plan that serves as a landing board for your SEO.

Organic search engine optimization

The complicated tasks of website optimization is what we specialize in. And one of them is organic search engine optimization – Forming an essential part of our SEO philosophy. We’ve got the tools and the minds to organically weave SEO into your website like one consistent picture.

It starts with building your SEO strategy and moves on into URL, titles, meta tags, header tags, content, interlinking, SEO friendly coding, and other offsite optimization efforts.

Google local listings

It is the new Yellow Pages that you’d like to be on!

Opening the doors to your clinic and waiting for clients to walk in is passe. Now, clients are more likely to discover you online first and then pay a visit. To be discovered – you must be listed.

Patients tend to lookup clinics in their locality on the internet first and then decide their credibility. That means “opportunity”. We not only help you list your business on Google but also the online directories that can give your practice the exposure that it needs!

How is Dental SEO different from the other?

Dental SEO is different because it is in tune with the quirks of the industry. The dynamics of Dental internet marketing are different, and so is the SEO. From perfect keywords to suitable directory listings, you should hire a professional to take care of your business.

To distinguish your dental website from the million other websites one must know what works for the dental marketing industry in the first place. While general SEO might give you the basic results, they are also limited. Only experts can provide proper implementation of SEO that can provide maximized results for your dental website and an edge over competitors in the same field.

Is our SEO safe?

You might be enjoying the increased traffic but getting your site banned would be the last thing you need right now! As much as SEO is essential, it is also not completely risk-free.

We understand your nervousness – and that is why we emphasize on white hat services.

At Dent Boost our focus is to bring to you the best SEO practices and higher ranks on search engines – safely and effectively – without the tricks and loopholes.

Trust us with your SEO needs and let us direct your client to your webpage!