Dental SEO Services: A Must-Have in 2017 for Every Dentist

Dental SEO services were concepts unheard of in the pre-Internet days, when traditional advertising ruled and brought terrific results.

In 2017, though, you need the Internet to help make your dental practice stay on top of the relevance game. Sure, you can still rely on the classic word of mouth, but you wouldn’t want to miss out on getting potential clients here. This is where dental SEO, or dental search engine optimization, comes into play.

You need dental SEO services for your practice

The world is going digital now more than ever, and this is why you need to use dental SEO services for your practice.

dental SEO services

Simply put, a huge chunk of your would-be clients are found online, and it would be a waste to let them go just because you missed out on dental Internet marketing strategies.

Therefore, it’s crucial to employ dental SEO marketing methods to have all your bases covered in your dental practice.

Mobile traffic increases the need for dental SEO services

Nowadays, the smartphone is king. Google released the results of a study that says a whopping 80 percent use their smartphones every day, and what’s more, 27 percent say admit to using their smartphones exclusively. Pretty staggering information, right?

dental SEO services

Dental SEO services help you tap into this ocean of potential clients. SEO experts optimize your website, making it suitable for smartphone use. Thus, people can easily look up your dental services even if they don’t use a laptop.

Also, Google favors mobile-friendly websites, so that’s one less item to worry about on your SEO list.

These are the dental SEO services included in a good package

Dental SEO services come in an assortment of forms and shapes, so it’s important for you to figure out the elements that really work, helping you reach your target for your dental practice.

Here are three elements that amp up your dental Internet marketing:

Keyword research

Excellent keyword research involved personalization. There may be several other dentists in your area, but never mind them and what they do. What you want is to get results that meet your goals, your needs, and your practice. Figure out which keywords matter most to you, and use these to attract potential customers to your dental practice.

Organic SEO

The right dental SEO services make use of organic SEO for better, longer-lasting results. According to Techopedia, organic SEO “refers to the methods used to obtain a high placement (or ranking) on a search engine results page in unpaid, algorithm-driven results on a given search engine.”

Remember those days when most online content seemed to be filled with nothing but keywords, keywords, and more keywords? Well, Google has wised up, and nowadays, they do away with websites that promote keyword stuffing, as well as other sneaky SEO practices.

dental SEO services

Your practice needs to make use of dental SEO services that include organic SEO in its roster. Organic SEO means your website has relevant, quality content. It means your website links to and from other relevant dental websites, and it also means smartly using tag attributes.

Google local listings

Google is loco over local markets, as is evident in its Pigeon update in 2014. This is because online searches for local services bring about a huge rise in mobile traffic.

People have adopted a “right now” mentality, having gotten used to convenience and instant everything, and it’s this mentality that makes smartphones such a hit in this generation.

dental SEO services

A solid dental Internet marketing plan exposes your website to local users, and this visibility makes them more likely to click on it. More clicks mean a higher likelihood of users seeing your website when they make local dental-related searches online.

You get these benefits when you use dental SEO services

Dental Internet marketing done right brings with it a host of other benefits for your dental practice.


Dental SEO services are loosely based on the concept of “Out of sight, out of mind.” You need to keep your dental practice in sight for it to be in your target market’s mind.

Visibility generates respect, and Google’s the best example for that. Notice how they’re all over the place, from e-mail to video streaming? Most likely, with the company seemingly found everywhere, you’ve come to think of them as a powerhouse.

Sure, they make blunders every now and then, but those don’t diminish the fact that you think Google is one of the best companies out there.

This is what excellent dental SEO services do to your practice. You’d want that, wouldn’t you?


Dental marketing strategies include enhancing your website’s look, feel, and overall user experience.

Doesn’t it get to you when you come upon a website you find interesting, only to find it clunky and difficult to use? You wouldn’t want a potential customer to have this experience, so it’s best to ask the help of an SEO expert to improve your dental website.

When your dental website looks professional, users are likely to believe you’re a credible and committed dentist. Well, of course you are, but that fact won’t just shine through online. Thus, through your website, you can convince clients you are professional.

Social Media Presence

Dental online marketing methods involve social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can use these to let the world know, “Hey, I’m a dentist, and I’m the best in the field!”

dental SEO services

Sure, you can manage your social media presence on your own, but there’s more to this process than simple copying and pasting of links to your dental online portal.

Dental SEO services include taking note of tags, descriptions, and other SEO parameters when it comes to your website’s Likes and Shares. Hire an SEO expert for the assurance your website will look good on social media.


Dental SEO services help your dental practice stay relevant and present in this online era.

However, don’t just go for any firm that offers you Internet marketing for dentists. Go for a safe, trustworthy company that has a proven track record in delivering successful SEO results to its clients.

Take care of your dentistry practice. Let a solid, reputable firm take care of your dental SEO services.

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