Terrible Dental Websites: 5 Real-Life Examples You Should Not Follow

At our other agency, Purified Marketing, we have worked with websites from tons of different niches. However, there are a few niches where majority of the websites suck big time in terms of online marketing. These niches are the following: hotels, real estate, and the dental industry.

We have to blame the lousy agencies that took advantage of the dentists’ lack of knowledge in online marketing. Often, these agencies gather their clients’  money but deliver nothing.

It’s also a very surprising fact. Keep in mind that the potential client’s profile for dentists is pretty straightforward. That really bothers me.

In one of my future posts, I am going to make a separate article where I will give away a proven framework that is super conversion optimized, and will work for any dentists.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 terrible dental websites we’ve encountered. Aside from listing down these sites, we also provide reasons why we believe they need to do a full website revamp.


1. St. Andrew’s Dental Center

Okay, let’s assume my kid has a severe toothache, and somehow I landed on the St. Andrew’s website. I’d expect something that will give me a clue whether these guys can help my kid or not.


The site displays sparse information

Well, here’s what I see at first glance: the receptionist smiling (how original), magenta sofas (my favorite color, by the way), and an aquarium at the left side.


terrible dental websites


What exactly does this place specialize in? How are they different from their competitors? What’s their value proposition? What about the pricing?

Obviously, I need to dig deep to find the answers to these questions. But guess what? Nobody has the time for that!

The average attention span of the users has significantly dropped, because there are so many other distractions. You only have 2 seconds to grab his/her attention; otherwise, the user will go elsewhere.

It’s surprising how many people don’t know what exactly the purpose of the website is. Well, a website’s purpose is to convince the user you have the best service and then convert them to real customers. The website’s goal is not to be fancy so it can boost your ego.

Going back to the example, as you can see, St. Andrew’s has a very cool lobby—no doubt about that. But is it something that solves my problem? Not exactly. This is why this clinic is on this list of terrible dental websites.


The site’s form layouts are misaligned

Anyway, let’s assume I somehow fall in love with their lobby, and no matter what services they offer or how expensive they are, I definitely want to book an appointment.

I click on “Make an appointment,” directing me to their booking page. Take a look at the booking page:


terrible dental websites


What a mess!

The form is misaligned. The text runs over the text box. The design agency that did this website should be ashamed of this sloppy job.


The site’s Book an Appointment form is poorly designed

But let’s leave the design alone, and let’s look at the Book an Appointment form. Why do I need to fill up so many blank fields? Am I applying for a loan or booking a dentist?

The goal of any website—or any service, really—is to provide convenience to the customer as much as possible. Following this principle, the fill-up form should be as simple as possible. It should request for pertinent information from the patient, information that would facilitate their booking.

What information do they need from the patient in order to book him an appointment? Definitely not their passport number or nationality! It would be better if the clinic simply asks for the patient’s name, e-mail, contact number, and treatment. But with all this hassle, this dental website deserves to be labeled as one of the most terrible dental websites around.

With this method, for the clinic, patient conversion is easier. In addition, they can follow up later, asking other questions (such as the date, preferred dentists, etc.).


2. Specialist Dental Group

One of the most terrible dental websites I’ve laid my eyes on is by Specialist Dental Group. Their home page looks and feels haphazard. It’s like they didn’t bother to get the details and layout straightened out. The site is a sight for sore eyes, indeed!

Other than the messy interface, here are a few things I’ve noticed that added to their website being on this list:


The site is too corporate

I’m all for being corporate; after all, it assures the customer you can be counted on. However, there’s such a thing as overdoing it. Specialist Dental Group’s website falls under that category.


terrible dental websites


The thing is, you clicked on their website because you wanted solutions to your dental problem. But what actually happens is you’re greeted by a bunch of photos that remind you of boardroom meetings and executive officers. You get the impression you’re in an office, awaiting a presentation for a new product.

Thanks but no thanks! You want your teeth issues to be gone. You don’t need any office-related reminders.


The site lacks a value proposition

As mentioned, a company puts up a website to inform their clients what they can bring to the table that other firms just can’t cut close. This is also why you clicked on the website in the first place, because you know they’ve something to offer, something specific to your concern.

Unfortunately, Specialist Dental Group lacks this value-proposition feature. Their slogan is Because Expertise Matters. But a host of other dental websites offer the same expertise. What can Specialist Dental Group bring to your plate that their competitors can’t?

Thanks (or no thanks) to their website layout, it’ll be tough to find the answer to this question.


The site lacks information on the user’s benefit

When selling a service, especially with dental SEO services, one key point to bear in mind is to always, always let the target audience know what’s in it for them. It’s never about the seller; it’s always about the customer. Thus, for dentists who are fond of stroking their egos, they better do it elsewhere, never on their dental websites.

In the case of Specialist Dental Group, their website barely offers a smidgen of information at all on what’s in it for you, the customer. All you see are columns and rows of dentists’ information, dental guides, dental news, and the like.

That’s it.

No peep on how your toothache can go away. Or what they do to deal with dental issues. And in this era of convenience and “right now,” well, that just wouldn’t work.


The site is chaotic and disorganized

Obsessing over the slightest details is always a good trait to have when dealing with a business or service. As they say, the devil’s in the details, and the tiniest miss could cost you a potential client. Firms that offer effective dental marketing services know this, and this is why they include details on their list of things to focus on.

Note, though, that details apply to the major aspects as well, such as the website’s layout and organization. That being said, Specialist Dental Group falls short in this arena. As you can see, bits of information are all over the place. How do you know which one to focus on and which to discard? And where’s that part that tells you what to do with your dental issues?

None, nada, zilch. That’s why their website sucks.


3. Smile Focus Dental Clinic

Smile Focus Dental Clinic is in a league of its own in terms of terrible dental websites. Contrary to the clinic’s name, you’ve nothing to smile about when you land on their web page.


The site is messy

A hodgepodge of information greets you on the site’s homepage. The layout is in white and orange, and honestly, the whole thing’s a mess. The photos on top, those of people smiling and showing off their teeth, do little to improve the messy appearance.


terrible dental websites


In addition, you have no idea where to interact with your dentist, if one is indeed available. Client interaction is one of the strongest suits of effective SEO dental marketing. But what happens when you are stumped as to where to talk to a dentist from Smile Focus Dental Clinic?

Obviously, nothing happens. Too bad for them.


The site lacks a value proposition

If you find yourself browsing through this website, it’s likely because you’ve some dental issue you want fixed. But how do you know where to go? Wait, scratch that: how do you know if the clinic, in the first place, even offers the solution you’re looking for?

The answer is, you don’t. Because they don’t tell you outright. They’ve a host of nice-to-know pieces of information but none that seem to address the issue directly. Perhaps you’ve noticed by now, but the best dental websites right away flash what they’ve to bring to the table. It’s quick and practical, and these are what clients are after nowadays.


The site lacks a call to action

As if not providing a direct avenue for dental answers isn’t enough, Smile Focus Dental Clinic too fails to deliver a call-to-action text. Without this, you might as well forget about securing new clients or making a sale. How would they know what to (ideally) do if you don’t tell them?

Well, we’ve got 2 words for this clinic: good luck. Unless it does something to turn things around, it will be a fixture on this list of terrible dental websites.


4. Downtown Dental

When the goal is to secure a healthy number of new clients, attention to detail is non-negotiable. It’s the littlest things that can either make or break the deal. This is why it pays to be obsessive about details.


The site uses stock photos

Downtown Dental missed the memo on the details department, and it’s why it’s one of the terrible dental websites out there. On their home page, it’s hard to miss the tons of stock photos they’ve on display.


terrible dental websites


Really, Downtown Dental? You expect people to be interested when they see stock photos of individuals supposedly having a great time and great teeth? Really?


The site has a poorly formatted layout

As if the lack of effort in this department isn’t enough, the clinic plowed ahead by choosing a web layout that doesn’t fit at all with the screen width. Perhaps they’re sending a secret statement on this aspect, or perhaps they’ve a penchant for wide margins.

We don’t know, and we don’t really care. What we do care about, though, is how tacky and sloppy the margins make the visitors feel. There’s something kitschy in layouts like this. Doesn’t it remind you of a preteen’s fashion blog? No wonder this is included on this list of terrible dental websites. So much for finding credibility in a dental practice.

The right dental Internet marketing strategies always include layout and formatting in their arsenal. Otherwise, all efforts will simply go down the drain.


The site has a vague mission statement

The final blow that secures Downtown Dental’s place on this list of terrible dental websites is their obscure mission statement. It goes like this: “It is the mission of our office to strive for, attain, and deliver the best dental care for our patients.”

What do you think? Reading it, how does it make you feel? As a client looking for reliable professionals to take care of your teeth, do you think this clinic’s up to the task of giving your molars some TLC?

On another note, what on earth does this dental clinic want to achieve, anyway?

We wish we could tell you, but we can’t either. Downtown Dental itself doesn’t even seem to have the answer to that.


5. Strobel Dentistry

You’ve likely noticed how important it is to highlight the major pieces of information and downplay the rest. That way, the client gets to see first the crucial issues; he/she can just explore the rest later.


The site doesn’t emphasize crucial information

Strobel Dentistry missed the importance of the, well, important stuff on their website. As you can see, their home page is anything but informative. Sure, they tell you of their various services. They’ve a form area where you can type in your questions. They’ve a map of their location, and they show you their office hours.

But are those the ultimately relevant information?


terrible dental websites


Where’s the part that highlights their dental specialty, the one they can boast about and claim to do better than their competitors? How about the offers and promos loyal patrons can avail? In addition, what if the client simply wants to look up basic dental information online? Where on the website could they find that?

In a nutshell, the most terrible dental websites often leave you hanging with more questions. To remedy this, you need to be aware of effective dental SEO marketing strategies. Otherwise, you might as well forget about getting answers to your most pressing queries.


The site doesn’t know what to prioritize

Once you’re on their dental website, you’ll find it hard to miss the header that says, “Serving Chicago since 1932.” Apparently, Strobel Dentistry thinks this information is relevant; otherwise, they wouldn’t be putting it out there for the world to see.

Now the problem lies in knowing what to do with this piece of information. How is this in any way helpful to your quest of solving your dental issues? Unless this data makes your toothache disappear in a jiffy, you wouldn’t care at all if Strobel Dentistry has been serving said area since 1832.

This can’t be emphasized enough: in your dental website, always inform the client what’s in it for them, and highlight this information. These terrible dental websites failed to do just that, and that is why they are on this list.

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